I have been a been a prayer journaler since I was 18: pages filled with the highs and the lows of daily life wrestled out with my Father in Heaven.

I believe words have power to influence, encourage, exhort, convict, teach, instruct, and equip. Words have shaped me and continue to shape me everyday of my life. They are like seeds that keep growing in fertile soil until they produce fruit, able to feed the hungry.

Some women have extraordinary gifts to pass down to their children and the world around them. Some of my dearest friends have beautiful photobooks filled with a testimony of their hearts and lives, to pass down to their kids. Not me. I just have words.

As I’ve gotten older, the words within me have grown more powerful, like a fountain trying to find a place to escape into the world outside of my journals.

I have been a hungry soul time and time again, waking in the morning to look for my Daily Bread. God’s Word has sustained me in a way that nothing else has. The seed of His Word satisfies in a way that this world cannot fill.

My prayer for this space is that somehow I can be a sower of seeds of His truth and grace. I pray that those seeds will be scattered into your heart and produce a harvest of light, love, and holiness to shine the Light of Jesus into a world of brokenness.